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Every life has a story. At P3 Productions, we specialize in telling those stories in the most meaningful way possible.

Life stories

Biographies that capture the highlights of a life from birth to the present (or death, in the case of a person who has passed on). These include video and/or audio interviews with the featured person, spouse, relatives, and other key voices, interspersed with photographs, home movies, favorite songs, and other mementos.

Red Shawl

Love stories

A wonderful tribute for an anniversary party or other occasion, these films offer a chronicle of a relationship through video and/or audio interviews with the couple and their relatives and friends. Like our life stories, these include photographs, home movies, favorites songs, and other mementos.

Marie Billy

Feature stories

Capturing special occasions and experiences via video or print (photobook). Sample themes include retirement (the story of a career); an award (the story of an achievement); anniversary (the story of a marriage or relationship); wedding (a wedding album); Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah (the story of a child’s life); milestone birthday (the story of highlights to-date of a person’s life); or travel (the story of a special trip).

Dede Shirley

Using high-definition video, broadcast-quality audio recorders, and high-end still photography, we record your stories in the most vivid, true-to-life formats available.

Our biographies are crafted through in-depth audio and video interviews that build a complete picture of a life – in the words of the subject and the people who mean the most to him or her. For video biographies of people who have passed on, the voices of survivors—spouses, children, grandchildren, other relatives, and friends—narrate the story in their interviews.

Photos on wall

After capturing a person’s story with audio and video interviews, we gather photos from throughout the person’s life, and we shoot professional portraits of all involved. We also collect clips from home movies, as desired.

The next step is to shape these memories into a true biography. After we gather the raw materials, it is time to comb through hours of video and audio interviews, hundreds of photographs, and boxes of mementos in search of the key moments that communicate each person’s story.

Photos on wall Photos on wall

Few of us are natural communicators. We all stumble over ourselves occasionally when telling a story – especially when the events happened decades ago. But skillful editing can trace the thread of a tale and resolve it into an unforgettable narrative.

Using advanced audio editing techniques, we seamlessly remove the pauses and false starts of normal speech.

Photos on wall Photos on wall

In the same way, skillful video editing transforms a lengthy interview into a series of priceless moments that capture the essence of an individual.

Paper photographs degrade over time. But they are not lost. Using Photoshop and other image editing software, we can restore damaged photographs, preserving them for future generations digitally.

The final step is to weave these strands of memories into a final story-filled tapestry.

Photos on wall Photos on wall

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