Video Biographies

Using high-definition video, broadcast-quality audio recorders, and high-end still photography, we record your stories in the most vivid, true-to-life formats available – suitable for anything from a home television set to a dinner or reception.

Our biographies are crafted through in-depth audio and video interviews that build a complete picture of a life – in the words of the subject and the people who mean the most to him or her. For biographies of people who have passed on, the voices of survivors—spouses, children, grandchildren, other relatives, friends—narrate the story in their interviews. We also can create a tribute to a family member or loved one using photos and music of your choice.

After capturing a person's story with audio and video interviews, we gather photos from throughout the person's life, and we shoot professional portraits of all involved. We also collect clips from home movies, as desired. We then weave all of these components—audio, video, photographs, and other media—into a carefully crafted video biography that captures the person's life story.

Contact us at or (205) 533-4207 for more information on multimedia biographies and our custom packages.