Using high-definition video, broadcast-quality audio recorders, and high-end still photography, we record your stories in the most vivid, true-to-life formats available – suitable for anything from a home television set to a dinner or reception.

The rise of inexpensive digital technologies means almost anyone has the resources to cut together a film. The real roadblock is that most precious commodity in today’s world: time. The editors at P3 Productions will actually sit down and record the invaluable stories of grandparents, parents, and other loved ones – and handle the countless hours of sifting through and scanning photographs and other mementos to preserve them forever.

The staff at P3 Productions are professional interviewers, writers, editors, photographers, and video editors with decades of experience. Owner Pam Powell has more than three decades of experience in producing features using all forms of media; she directed a staff of editors, photographers, and multimedia specialists in producing magazines and multimedia periodicals at UAB for 20 years before starting P3 Productions in 2009. What sets us apart is our mission, which is twofold: to preserve people’s stories by capturing the essence of their lives through skillful, insightful interviewing; and to weave all of the elements of these stories together with creative flair, the end result being a work of art that will be treasured forever.

Because all of our projects are customized to the needs of our clients, prices vary considerably. We are available to produce any of the individual components of a profile (e.g., straight, unedited audio or video interviews; portrait photography; photo retouching; text editing; audio editing; video editing, etc.), as well as complete multimedia biographies that include all or various combinations of these components. We are happy to discuss your needs and provide a customized quote. See this page for sample pricing and contact us for more information.

Clients are encouraged to visit our customized studio for the highest quality sound and video recording of their interviews. However, we realize that many people are more comfortable in their own homes, and we can bring all necessary equipment to any location in the greater Birmingham area (or farther upon request).

We provide all of our clients multiple copies of their biographies on DVDs that can be played in any computer or DVD player. We can also provide copies saved onto inexpensive flash drives that could be distributed to friends and family at a party. We can also offer clients a completely customized Web site with movies loaded onto it.

Contact us at or (205) 533-4207 for more information on multimedia biographies and our custom packages.